~ Paul Douglas Hale's Mother Passed Away... He Needs Us ~




 Paul Hale's contact Information 455 Railroad Avenue Flovilla, GA 32016 Home (770) 504 1729 Cell (678) 6003 6816 Sincerely, ~ Frank Allen a close friend
Paul Douglas Hale I Took My Mom To Piedmont Henry Hospital in Stockbridge, Georgia with a Chest Infection and UTI. Mary was given the wrong medication resulting in brain damage, Vocal loss, and Trouble swallowing on the left side of her throat. My Mom was assaulted on Easter by an RN - There is a police report on file to that effect. Mom went into hypoxia for 39 minutes and four more times. She suffered cardiac arrest six days ago as unnecessary intubation was administered. CPR was performed, then she was placed on a ventilator. I have photos, Videos, and recordings. Following these occurrences I was immediately banned from the hospital entirely as news of the filming, Recording and complaints reached the administration. The respiratory procedures were negligent and Subsequently I filed complaints. Piedmont contracted to transfer My Mom following another assault by an RN. They broke the contract, prior to abnormal-hyperactive PA causing cardiac arrest. I personally have a degree in Health Sciences, Previously an EMT with Piedmont, I was also Medical Control, LPN, and RN. I went to college for these skills, and trained at Piedmont Henry. My Mother is alone in the ICU Unit. She was visited by one of My friends once. He could not visit again as He has heart stents. Her friends are all in their 80's, not permitted to travel. The administration at Piedmont will not contact me although I have sole Power of Attorney . Frank, the Case in the Macon Federal District Court is 5:17-CV-00463-CAR Paul Douglas Hale v. Towaliga Circuit District Attorney Office, United States Attorneys, Federal Bureau of Investigation. Chief Judge Tillson Presiding . Sincerely, Paul Hale, A.S.