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Midge Mathis Kevin Annett
 Midge has been an advocate for human rights in various capacities her entire adult life. For many years, Midge was an Ombudsman and an EMT, in the health care field at several hospitals in Phoenix, Arizona as a liaison between the medical staff and the public, working in various departments which included Emergency Medicine and Behavioral Health. Midge also worked for the Board of Behavioral Health for Governor Symington and Governor Hull for the State of Arizona. Her advocacy work also included facilitating a support group for families of fire fighters in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. At one point, Midge obtained her real estate license, becoming a real estate investor, land developer and business owner called, Midge Investments LLC. Midge did volunteer work with the American Cancer Society, for the Look Good Feel Better program. Midge is an accidental whistleblower of government corruption. She is committed to exposing hate crimes against humanity while supporting and advocating for those who have been unlawfully blacklisted.  Kevin Annett is a renowned global human rights campaigner, author and whistle blower who has led the movement to expose and prosecute child murder by church and state, in Canada and Europe. Kevin is the co-founder of The International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State. He has been twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Messages for him can be left at Murder by Decree is an uncensored record of the planned extermination of indigenous children in Canada’s murderous “Indian residential schools”. It is issued as a corrective Counter Report to the miscarriage of justice by Church and State known as the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” (TRC). Based on eyewitness testimonies and archival documentation deliberately suppressed or ignored by the TRC. Murder by Decree proves that the genocide of indigenous people began as a religion-led campaign and continues to be a deliberate governmental policy in Canada. This Counter Report reveals these startling facts: – Over half of Indian residential school children began dying the very first year these church-run facilities were opened – This huge mortality rate continued unabated for over a half century because of deliberate practices of germ warfare according to a prescribed monthly “death quota” Evidence of these crimes and their intentional nature has been continually destroyed by the RCMP and the Catholic, Anglican and United Church since at least 1960 – The same genocide continues today, is aimed at indigenous women and children, and is driven by foreign corporate interests hungry for native lands and resources. Murder by Decree is issued by The International Tribunal for the Disappeared of Canada (ITDC), an international coalition of jurists and human rights groups. The ITDC was formed in December, 2015 to investigate the disappearance of people in Canada, prosecute those responsible and prevent a further whitewash by Canada of its Crimes against Humanity. This report is an answer to these crimes and an urgent summons to the world and to all Canadians to live no longer under genocidal regimes. Published by the ITDC Central Offices in Brussels and Toronto. For more information: