~Global Targeted Individual Day~ August 29th 2018 ~You can watch below, The list of locations across the country and the World grow~
 Global Targeted Individual Day August 29, 2018 Official Web Site. Want to Get There Faster? Click on the Globe https://targetedindividualday.weebly.com/ ~Lewis~
 "T" Day 2018
 My name is Lewis Rowe, I have been aware of my targeting since October 2016. I am originally from the southern parts of the United States currently residing in the Northern section. I spent 2 years in college in the field of business marketing. I have also studied subjects from astronomy, to astrology, conspiracy theories to mythology and religion. I have always been near and dear to information that consists of non-normal everyday life that the few now the many discuss and lately has been an arising of conversations in areas of study that a lot of the general public would not even notice. I have also lived in different parts of the US and have traveled to various places. Through-out my life I had always known and felt that there are things about reality that don’t seem real, and also there are things in this world that are sometimes unexplainable and hidden. Now I am a targeted individual within the Ti community and have meet a lot of ti’s and are also working closely with a few. I am proud to know each and every ti that I have met and spoken to and also proud to be a part of the community. I believe that this world consists of good things and the bad, but even though that maybe be true, we have to hang on to ourselves because that is sometimes all we have and FIGHT! Lewis Rowe, Targeted Individual Day August 29th Global Awareness

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Westminster            Colorado                  Westminster, CO                                                       (Home)   Pool, BBQ, Showers                                  Laura in Colorado   208-244-4977