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Targeted Massachusetts


S*T*A*R*S International
Asset 143

Multi-Frequency Radar for Detecting Humans

Human Brain Frequencies

99 Pages

Critical Overview of Satellite Based


Manual On Shielded Enclosures

(51 pages)

Brain Computer Interface

Brain Computer Interface 3



The Mind Has No Firewall

The Brain Machine Interface: by DARPA

Pennsylvania University

Brain Research and National Defense

Non-Lethal Weapons Human Effects

Bioeffects on Non-Lethal Weapons

President Clinton Gives Conclusion That No More Testing On US Citizens is Warranted

DOD - Non-Lethal Weapons





Us Special Operations Command

Predicted Depopulation (World)



Part 15


True Justice Operations Manual


ACLU CIA Spying Here at Home


MIT Project Norman



The Larson Report


Satellites Listed by Country and Company


A Nation Betrayed


Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars


Synthetic Telepathy

Early Mind Wars


Informed consent in Human subjects Research


The Military Environmental Complex


Pandora's Box Opened Wide


The CIA Official Manual


Assessment of Gateway Process


DOD Instructions Concerning  Human Testing


Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights


ELF and Effects to Human Hearing


Department of Energy Subject

Human safety

Semiconductor Industry Association