Targeted Massachusetts
The Saint
Dr. Robert Duncan

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Dr. Robert P. Duncan, 'The Saint' and the issues. This great man worked with the Department of Defense, Central Intelligence Agency, DARPA, US Department of Justice, NASA, Navy, and NATO architecting key components and systems for surveillance, and warfare. He learned of corruption, system misuse, and abuse which involved citizens being hurt and targeted by torture and murders. Like good men sometimes do he gave his life to investigate and talk about what he knew to be wrong, interviewing as of today 1000 modern victims of governmental high-tech directed energy based no-touch torture and mind control, human experimentation, surveillance, electronic warfare, and covert law enforcement and military operations. In 2005 he along with the previous head of FBI Los Angeles/Southern California Ted Gunderson gave testimony on these issues to the Senate Intelligence Committee, Judiciary Committee, and twenty-three congressional offices. Books were written, interviews with the media and radio personalities happened and a website was created. Ultimately no one would listen to leave the victims to suffer... The fight continues on.

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This book is dedicated to

all people of the world who are still

honorable enough to tell the truth,

inquisitive enough to ask the hard questions,

and brave enough to challenge and improve the system.