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Targeted Massachusetts


S*T*A*R*S International


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 Ella has a background in advertisement, promotions, and media in various forms and capacities. Ella became a targeted individual in 2003 and became a passionate activist in 2016 after realizing she was more than a victim of male, predatory stalking. She is a pod-cast host for the Ella Free Show, a pod-cast for targeted individuals. She is also the host of a radio show called, "Whistleblower Nation" on Revolution Radio, that celebrates whistleblowers giving a platform for the courageous people who speak out against injustices. You can listen to her pod-casts here: Ella Free YouTube channel Ella


Whistleblower Nation on Revolution Radio


Ella's Whistleblower Nation Radio Show Ella's Triumph Over Targeting
 Interview; Karen Stewart, Dr. Matthew Arron, Neal Chevrier, Derrick Robinson, Rosanne Marie Schneider,  Interview; Midge Mathis