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Targeted Massachusetts


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To: The Community of Faith

A Call to Break the Silence on Violence Against Women and Girls




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A Call: #SilenceIsNotSpiritual

A Call to Break the Silence on Violence Against Women and Girls

We, as women elders and leaders, issue a call of action to the faith community to end violence against women. Throughout the Christmas season—symbolic of God’s incarnation among the suffering—and culminating on Easter Sunday—symbolic of God’s victory over sin and oppression—we call churches into two streams of action:


1. To stand with women who experience violence. A call to solidarity by making space for women to break their silence in our congregations and communities. Recognizing each woman’s inherent dignity, we call on churches to create protected spaces where survivors of violence can offer their stories, as they choose, and where the body can receive these stories with empathy, love and care.


2. To stand up for women who experience violence. A call to advocacy, repenting of our silent ascent to systems, structures, and practices that harm our sisters. We desire to spark action at all levels affecting the lives of women. We call the leaders and influencers within the greater faith community to action. We invite the Body of Christ to adopt a genuine willingness to repent where we have failed and to fight both systemic and individual injustices in our midst.


Read the full statement at http://SilenceIsNotSpiritual.org


Why is this important?

This moment in history is ours to steward. More than 150 initial signatories are calling churches everywhere to end the silence and stop all participation in violence against women. Silence is not spiritual. Action is not optional.


5,813  of 6,000 signatures

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Lisa B.

about 2 hours ago

Lisa F.

about 3 hours ago

Frank A.

about 4 hours ago

Kim S.

a day ago

Haley G.

a day ago



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Reasons for signing

I am signing because there are criminals using hi-tech surveillance techniques to perhaps control the masses. This has become an epidemic, and we need to address this major issue that is going on in our Society.

Lisa B. about 2 hours ago


Innocent women and girls (Targeted individuals) are the victims of a new crime of technology from directed energy weapons, remote electromagnetic assaults, illegal surveillance and organized stalking.

Kim S. a day ago


Violence against ANYONE is a crime and the perpetrators should be exposed and held to account for their actions.

gary b. 2 days ago