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 Mission Statement Targeted Massachusetts was formed in 2014. Our mission is to locate all Targeted Individuals within Our Great State, The United States, and the World. We have added Targeted Massachusetts North East Conference to stay in close contact with Targets, For their safety, Mutual education, and Needs ... May We in finality cast a shadow of shame on those Who perform these acts of domestic terrorism. May God Bless All of Us The Targeted Individuals We are seeking knowledge and proliferation of same throughout the World. This site will provide You with all of the most up to date information available. “ The skull should be designated as a domain of absolute privacy. No one should be able to probe an individual’s mind against their will. We should not permit it with a court order. We should not permit it for military or national security. We should forgo the use of the technology under coercive circumstances even though using it may serve the public good” "To Protect Our Human Rights"

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