Targeted Massachusetts

Joy Womac

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Practical Approaches & Info for Targeted Individuals/Gangstalking / RNM   (Link to survey Questions Below)


Informed Consent



Joyeux Womac, graduate student at Global Purdue University, has

asked for my voluntary permission to participate in a school project for

Forensic Psychology.  All interviews, writings, recordings,

questionnaires, surveys, and other expressions will be used to

demonstrate if no touch torture can cause trauma to a targeted

individual (no touch torture).  The definition of a targeted individual is

defined as usually three or more people who destroy a person's life by

no-touch torture using organized groups.  The survey will be

anonymous and participants are free to decline participation.

Although it is unlikely, should participants experience any emotional

discomfort resulting from completing the survey, they can contact the

Emotional Distress Hotline, a national mental health hotline, available

24/7 for free at 1-800-LIFENET. After several weeks, I will close the

SurveyMonkey survey and analyze the data.

Your consent to participate in this project will be documented.

You must be between the ages of 18 and 99 and self-identify as a

targeted individual to participate.

“Your answers to the questions means you give consent to voluntary

participation in this project”