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Targeted Massachusetts


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Karen  Karen Melton Stewart was born in the 1950’s, the first child of an Air Force Officer, L.L. Melton, jr. and his wife, Patricia. She inherited an interest in drawing and foreign languages from her mother, who was a trained classical singer. She majored in German, studying some French and Russian along the way, and minored in Fine Art. After college. Karen applied to work for the National Security Agency as a foreign language intelligence analyst and was hired in 1982 after passing a rigorous background check. Karen was railroaded in 2010 out of her career just two years before she was to retire. The Reason? She dared to ask the NSA Inspector General, George Ellard, to investigate why a promotion board member from the NSA Weapons and Space Directorate had informed her that Her award-winning, 6 month series of Top Secret intelligence reports, that was estimated to have saved 2,000 or more lives, had been credited to another analyst. This analyst then received a double promotion meant for Karen. Ellard did nothing. He ordered NSA Security to destroy Her career and credibility. Karen then became a Target. She was subjected to a vicious slander and stalking harassment campaign by NSA Security for three years, which included the fatal poisoning of a family dog, a 13 month old male Newfoundland named Samson, and coordinated driving attacks by NSA Security goons to intimidate, harm or kill her. When she was placed on administrative leave for daring to report the abuse. When she was placed on administrative leave for daring to report the abuse, NSA brought the local Fusion Center, Howard County Police and civilian mercenaries into the harassment campaign. This is when she discovered NSA and other Deep State rogue Feds had created a network of covert stalkers a lá Nazi Brown Shirts, to circumvent enhanced whistleblower protection laws, such as the “No Fear Act” which Congress mandated be taught to employees annually. Karen was illegally fired in 2010, NSA and civilian stalkers left her alone until early 2015, when her lawyer subpoenaed information NSA did not like, Relative to her Equal Employment Opportunity lawsuit before the EEO Commission. Karen had moved to Tallahassee, Florida in the meanwhile, her family’s hometown. Authorities (Leon County Sheriff’s Department) admitted that NSA had sent representatives to town for a “secret exercise” just when civilian mercenaries called Infragard and run by the FDLE/Fusion Center moved in. They quite suddenly renewed her slander and stalking harassment campaign 24/7. A few months later, Directed Energy Weapons were added to the daily assaults, Severely damaging her health. Karen began speaking out and doing interviews in earnest after she learned how very many innocent people were being attacked and harmed in such a cowardly and despicable way by a rogue, seditious government faction. This faction, called the Deep State, was secretly subverting rule of law and destroying America through the use of gullible, useful idiot Americans pitted against innocent, decent people to keep the foolish masses occupied chasing their tails and destroying their best citizens. Thus the idiot brigade is facilitating the Deep State taking control and turning the U.S. (and elsewhere) into a Police State to serve depraved elitist psychopaths desiring to reduce the population into mindless drones, by using the dregs of society to murder the best of society, so usurped rule could never again be successfully challenged and returned to “We the People”. She has vowed to speak out as long as it is useful. What a way to treat one of America's Best ...........
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