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Laura Ann  Hi, Laura here. I was born in Colorado, U.S.... I first noticed this synthetic feeling when I was 7 going on 8 years old. It started in a small college town in Idaho. I moved back there again in my forty’ s. It was those years, I found time. Time to look around. To look up, TIME in general. I pulled personal incident reports, requested medical records, doctors notes, did family genealogy. Made real friends, built real connections in my life. Learned first hand how my ancestors lived and survived, what there priorities were day to day. For two weeks I was snowed in and the internet service was out, I blush to say I had the time of my life, by-myself. Transferring all my jouranls to the same pages. Caught up on project’s I had lying around. Found time to figure things out on my own. Felt and witnessed what they spray today on our wheat crops, tested contamination of our river and my tap water. Watched the devastating effect dirty energy has on animals and trees. Learned farmers are dealing half the water today that they had ten years ago. Took a while for “it” to find me in Idaho again. Eventually it did, and I am recovering yet again from staring over, again. Loss is more than I care to share. Not having a plan has always been my plan. I believe it to be criminal to prioritize personal gain over the rights of others. That the way we fight for our children is the way we fight for our future. My most valuable commodity while I’m here; time and health. Knowledge I absorb and love that I arrived here with, I will leave with. Love I have for others, friendships I have made will always be. Silence is our consent. Exposure of these crimes is necessary for all of us to have a future. Keep what matters strong in your family. Expose your ti self! People that look the other way when children of God are being hurt, in my opinion are worse than physical abusers; because without the normal person to hide by, exposure would be certain. These sick criminals are able to blend amongst us. All of us. Because of the ones that are comfortable looking the other way. If the victim speaks, there are ignored or discredited. Worse blamed and the”normal” person says nothing enabling the evil to grow, like a fungus. This is destroying our America. An America I was told and believed, I grew up in. United we Stand; can still be. People make time for what they want to do. What do you want to do? When I found the community and listen too many stories. It took me months to process, my soul never will. I realized and investigated, talked to people and over time, my experience couldn’t be denied. I have to be true to myself. Society has become so fake, the truth bugs people. I have always been punished for the truth. I still say it. This is huge for us (ti’s), very subtle protocol for iT aka them. Take time in everything you do. Start the nudge affect to raise the vibe. Do not waste time talking or thinking about what iT does. (they do) Human emotion is all about fairness. Sad makes people quiet, mad make people irrational. Keep your word, don’t cross your line, wherever you draw it. It’s called integrity and it will cost everything but your spirit. Fate for them; they are treated with the same as we have been, eternally. I don’t know how I know that. Pedophilia is how the deep state recruits and controls people. Americans should be outraged how their children’s health and spirit are being crushed before they have a chance to grow up. Outraged at how many humans are trafficked. Social media sites is the marketing of your child. Wake up. I woke to late to save my child don’t make the same mistake. Independent thinking is not one of deep state sleepers strengths. Do what you love at least once a day. Suggest a no media day in your family, play a board game or just talk one day a week. Set examples of the change you want to see through actions. Listen to your child or your friend or that roommate you still talk to when something impossible happens to them. How do you know it didn’t? Anythings possible. All of us need to be suiting up for a brain/soul battle and remaining healthy as possible. The day of the eclipse is when I woke up, not sure why. Now I’m awake, and in it to my death. We all always have been. Please make the most of your time. Colorado ti- Truthful Individual