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The State Department revealed Thursday that a second American citizen in China has suffered adverse health effects similar to those of an American diplomat in Shanghai and 26 diplomats in Havana, Cuba, part of a wave of attacks of unknown origin.

As many of those affected by the attacks have described hearing high-pitched noises and feeling pressure headaches before suffering a variety of symptoms ranging from dizziness to brain damage, many in the media have begun referring to them as “sonic” attacks.


The Trump administration has not revealed a source for these attacks – though the State Department changed its terminology from “incidents” to “attacks” late last year, while China and Cuba have denied any wrongdoing.


The victim identified Thursday is the first private citizen to suffer these effects in China; Reuters notes that 19 individuals traveling to Cuba contacted the U.S. government complaining of similar symptoms. In addition to the Americans, some reports suggest that Canadian diplomats in Cuba have complained of similar symptoms, despite warm relations between the communist Castro regime and the administration of liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


The State Department warned all U.S. citizens in May traveling to China to remain vigilant for any indication of symptoms like those suffered by diplomats in the two countries.


“Since the release of the first (Guangzhou-related) Health Alert on May 23, the Department of State has been contacted by one U.S. citizen who reported experiencing similar symptoms following travel to China,” a State Department official told Reuters. “This is an evolving situation. As we state in our health alert, if you have concerns about any symptoms or medical problems, consult a medical professional as soon as possible.”


The official did not clarify whether the State Department was certain the incident was related to those affecting U.S. and Canadian diplomats. It is also unclear where in China the traveler suffered these symptoms; the previously known case of these health effects occurred in Guangzhou.


While the State Department has confirmed only two cases of these attacks in China, it evacuated at least nine individuals from Chinese consulates in China as recently as late June, according to a Wall Street Journal report. In addition to these, another 250 people working at the U.S. consulate requested medical evaluations following the revelation of the Guangzhou case.


One of these workers, Mark Lenzi, went public with symptoms that he and his wife suffered while in Guangzhou and has requested further evaluation by U.S. medical authorities.


The first known instances of these attacks occurred throughout 2017; the most recent documented cases in Cuba surfaced in late June, the first since those confirmed in August 2017. In March – in between the confirmation of the older cases and the two new ones – the State Department issued a travel warning for U.S. citizens to Cuba calling those affected the “targets of specific attacks.”


Among the list of symptoms in that travel warning were “loss of hearing, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, cognitive problems, visual problems, and difficulty sleeping.”


Unlike China, which has issued limited statements vowing to cooperate with American authorities to find the root cause of these illnesses, the communist regime governing Cuba has responded to these cases with belligerence. While initially stating that Cuba would cooperate with American investigations, Havana’s top diplomats have instead shifted gears toward blaming the affected diplomats for their own illness. In October 2017, Cuba’s state television network and the official newspaper of the Communist Party, Granma, published a “report” concluding that the victims of the attacks had heard insect noises outside of their home and, not being native to tropical habitats, did not recognize the sounds. Cuban officials insisted that their adverse health effects were psychosomatic and the product of paranoia.


Four months later, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a study on the victims in Havana concluding that it would be impossible for these individuals to fabricate such an illness and that a phenomenon on unknown effect had indeed severely damaged their brains. The Castro regime has dismissed the study.


This month, two days before the State Department confirmed a 26th victim in Cuba, Granma published a piece insisting the attacks were “not real” and claiming the allegations “would be funny if the situation was not so serious and ill-intentioned.


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Courtesy; Ann        Source; Evan@ Fight For The Future


It’s been less than a month since the net neutrality repeal went into effect, and monopolistic ISPs are already taking advantage.


Comcast is throttling videos and personal hotspots on plans that are supposed to be unlimited.1 AT&T quietly increased its fees for no justifiable reason.2 And as long as Big Cable has free rein to violate our Internet freedom, this is just the beginning.


The good news is there’s still time to force Congress to restore net neutrality and stop ISPs from destroying the Internet, and we’ve got a plan to do it. Will you chip in?


When he pushed through his repeal of net neutrality, FCC Chair Ajit Pai—a former Verizon lawyer—insisted ISPs could be trusted not to slow sites, block content, or shake us down for more fees.


That claim flew in the face of all the evidence. Without strong rules in place, Big Cable has been caught red-handed violating net neutrality over and over again, including slowing sites, disabling certain apps, and blocking website access to censor political speech.3


Now that net neutrality rules are gone, ISPs are emboldened to abuse their massive power even more. The good news is that we know how to stop them—by using the tactics that helped us win an historic vote in the Senate to restore protections for a fair and open net.


Now we need to do do those same things again, but in more than 50 key congressional districts. With your donations, we can:


Cover the costs of printing banners and signs for volunteer-led protests across the country;

Drive a flood of phone calls from constituents to their representatives;

Mount an extraordinary pressure campaign from small businesses in key districts, and

Mobilize key constituencies like US veterans to speak out and meet with lawmakers.

These tactics are already starting to have an impact. We’ve heard that several GOP lawmakers are considering signing the discharge petition to force a vote to overrule the FCC’s repeal. But we have act quickly. Our best window of time to get lawmakers’ attention is between now and the August recess.


The ISPs are already taking advantage of us with net neutrality gone. But we can get it back. Will you chip in? For the future,


- Evan at FFTF




1. ARS Technica: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2018/07/comcast-starts-throttling-mobile-video-will-charge-extra-for-hd-streams/


2.The Hill: http://thehill.com/policy/technology/technology/395318-att-customers-see-price-increases-following-time-warner-merger


3. Free Press: https://www.freepress.net/our-response/expert-analysis/explainers/net-neutrality-violations-brief-history




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