TI Parents Helping Parents


 There are many TI parents out there who are watching their children being targeted by these deadly weapons, Some targeted since their birth. These parents listen helplessly to their children acting out what they had heard from the man upstairs in their bedroom... Ravaged by Voice to Skull they look to their parents for help... Their parents can offer little to comfort them. Sadly, We have young adults driven to near madness trying to understand what is happening to them. This page is dedicated to Those parents and children... Contact information below.  Down Through the years We Targeted Individuals have learned to keep Our government targeting away from Our families. Sometimes, There are those who have yet to find the Targeted Community. They tell the story to their families, Hoping for support from them But, get only abandonment pain, sorrow, or much worse. Nichole Ahearn has put together TI Parents Helping Parents to help bandage up the wounded Souls suffering everyday... all day... Contact Information