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Targeted Massachusetts


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Richard  Books Published Richard Lighthouse has published more than 100 ebooks, many of which are free on this website, Apple iBooks, BarnesAndNoble.com, Amazon.com, Google Play, Smashwords.com and other websites. The author holds a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and has previously worked for NASA. Main Message: My main message is an important scientific discovery: Our entire universe literally blinks, off and on, at more than 1 trillion cycles every second (1.1 THz) - it is called the Lighthouse Frequency. The harmonics of this frequency can be used for Time travel, Travel at faster than light, Travel between parallel universes, and Instant radio communication to distant galaxies. I have provided 3 different mathematical approaches and 3 different empirical sources that all conclude the same thing: Our universe is literally blinking - see the math at the bottom of this page. = = = = = = = = = = = Gravity & Electromagnetism - Unified Important Mathematical Discovery - Gravity & Electromagnetism unified. Note that the 2 equations of Newton's Gravity and Coulomb's Law have a similar form. Also note that when Limit (r) ---> 0, both of these equations approach a singularity, implying that unification occurs at a single point. Both equations approach infinity. The 1/r^2 term also occurs with calculations of the strong nuclear force. This cannot be a mere coincidence. No one has ever provided mathematical evidence that unifies gravity and electromagnetism - this is an important mathematical first. As Einstein once said, "Reality is merely an illusion..." - A blinking universe would certainly make his statement correct. See my ebook - "Gravity & Electromagnetism Unified." Richard's amazing explanation of satellite technology at the Massachusetts Unity and Hope gathering has influenced My work and research. My research is now leaning towards a lock-on the Target from a satellite. The attacks coming from Ground Based Radar. Richard's 5 foot radius is very reasonable as that seems to be the parameters that Google Maps uses. Frank Allen