Targeted Massachusetts
July, 09 2020 (re date) Psychosocial Dynamics Conducive to Torture and Ill-Treatment Report Nils Melzer, Special Rapporteur on Torture, The Psychosocial Dynamics are a multi-faceted demonstration of Psychology pitted against a social animal, The Human Being. The Objective; To break down the human being, Using known psychological procedures some of them overly simplistic such as reward and punishment. These basic conceptual procedures are incorporated into the shadowy world of hypnotism. Hypnotism is thousands of years old, needing little demonstrative research to ascertain the fact that hypnotism is a formidable foe as a standalone psychological dynamic. Together they form Psycho hypnotics. There are hypnotists that form an Online, or telephone session with their clients attempting to reach out in this manner. This example of hypnotist, client relationship was surely explored by the creators of MkUltra and other programs. Psychologists soon learned that torture was possible through these outlets. They continually access memories. Their favorite area to access is the five-year-old in all of us. Here they can access bathroom habits pitting them against the current age of the individual. They try to use guilt as a common denominator in their humiliation schemes. The first psychological step found in the operator’s attributes is “The God Complex”. They present themselves as all powerful beings, above the law, above all including God. They often do not reveal themselves as anything else but God, such as the Iraqi army laying down their weapons by hearing “Allah commands you to lay down your arms”. This was the Active Denial System. (Source; Us Army Armed Conflict 2003). Operators also use direct vocal contact (Voice to Skull) to taunt, Belittle, Disparage, and in the short, Try to break the victim with out and out name calling. The second attribute is Denial. The operators cannot believe what they have done or what they are doing. Their only way to seemingly justify this is to self-deny that they are doing the crime at all. So, In terms of themselves they are doing nothing wrong. The third attribute is Passive Aggression. They go day to day steadily learning increasingly more about their victims while pretending to carry on as would be usual. They gather information. Secondly, they make a run on the victim with everything that they have hoping to make an impact. These procedures repeat at intervals chosen by the AI computer. There are usually one to two perpetrators (operators). Cybertorture, is conducted through access via satellite. This is the only technology that would allow them coverage of the entire globe with no gaps. Cybertorture incorporates all the fore-mentioned. There is no place that you can hide. Computer access to a satellite enables them to torture an individual mentally and physically by accessing various areas of the brain to inflict crippling, debilitating pain. The Objective is to once again break the victim so that he or she has no alternative but to take their own life or be confined to a mental institution. This State’s Department of Veterans Affairs and The Department of Health and Human Services provided a grant to The American Psychiatric Community for the purpose of the study of Voice to Skull and developed it (1974) Relatively in 1975 The American Psychologist published their findings in their medical journal. I have the supporting documentation. Sincerely, Frank Allen, Targeted Massachusetts NGO